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E-scoop® Improved vision for Macular Degeneration patients

Even with reduced vision caused by glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy or RP it is possible to achieve improved vision with the E-scoop lens.

The E-scoop loupe lens has a special curve, thickness, prism, colour and coating.

These qualities together will project the light onto a different part of the retina and can improve your vision dramatically.

The result of the E-scoop loupe lens is different per person. The best result has been noted when one has a visual acuity between 3% and 45%. In some cases we can see an improvement of 1.5x the current acuity.

E-scoop Cross Section
Cross-section of the working of the E-scoop loupe lens in front of the eye.

E-scoop lenses can offer:

  • Partial recovery of a part of the central vision
  • Reduction of the sensitivity for day and sunlight
  • Better recognition of details, contrast and depth. Available in single vision, in the range shown below, fitted to either a clip-on or glazed to a full rimmed spectacle frame.

E-scoop Chart

If you want more information or to arrange a demonstration please contact Julie.Baines@Norville-Opticians.co.uk

Frequently Asked Questions

How does E-scoop work?

E-scoop is a patented loupe spectacle lens, which is built on a number of basic optical features:

  • The thickness and curve of the lens ensures a magnification of 6% for distance.
  • The prismatic effect of the lens causes the light to reflect to a different part of the macula, that of higher quality.
  • The base of the prism is up, because research shows that the lower part of the macula generally suffers the most damage. So get the image shifted upwards to a healthier part of the macula.
  • The yellow colour provides more contrast and a reduction of the sensitivity for daylight and sunlight.
  • The anti-reflection coating helps to reduce glare.

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Can I order E-scoop lenses in different colours?

  • E-scoop lenses are available in clear, yellow and brown.
  • The yellow colour is preferred, because of the contrast improvement and glare reduction it provides. The brown colour can be used for sunglasses.
  • If your customer prefers the clear version, please note that the sensitivity for light and glare will be increased.

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Can I also order the prism base down?

  • Yes, of course! If your examination shows that the effect of E-scoop is better with prism base down, you can order it. Please make sure it is clear on the order form!

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The prism in E-scoop shifts the image – is it like eccentric viewing spectacles?

  • E-scoop is not an eccentric viewing spectacle. Because macular degeneration causes damage in the inferior part of the macula, E-scoop shifts the image up to a healthier part. E-scoop keeps the image in the macular area. Most of the time, people are looking for the best quality of image; using E-scoop spectacles this process is repeatable, whilst also providing a restful view of the image.

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How long does it take to get used to E-scoop?

  • Adaption time to E-scoop is quick. By putting on their E-scoop spectacles, your customer will experience the positive effect directly.

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In which frames can E-scoop be fitted?

  • The best results are achieved in plastic or metal full-rim oval frames, which are slightly curved and not too large.
  • Rimless and supra frames are not suitable for E-scoop, because of the Index (1.5), thickness, prism and curve.
  • A double rimmed frame is not suitable for E-scoop.

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Which customers are prospects for E-scoop?

  • E-scoop is primarily developed for people with macular degeneration. The beneficial effect of E-scoop spectacles will be experienced at every stage of macular degeneration, despite the progressive character of this condition.

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Frans Oosterhof

Frans Oosterhof, inventor of the E-scoop lens

“In my work as an optometrist I had been looking for a solution for the poorly sighted for over 20 years.”

Also known as: escoop