Half Price Second Pair

Norville Opticians Half Price Second Pair

With many other opticians’ offers on a second pair, to take advantage of the promotion you are loaded with restrictions such as having to purchase the two pair of spectacles at the same time, or only choosing the second pair from a restricted range of frames and lenses. Norville’s Half Price Second Pair offer is very flexible. Whenever you purchase a new frame and lenses from any Norville practice you can take advantage of our Second Pair Half Price offer.


  • Second pair can be purchased any time within six months of the first. The cheapest pair will be the discounted pair.
  • Second pair need not be the same frame or lens type. Second pair could be from our Ice range of sunglasses meaning that you could get a pair of prescription sunspecs for as little as £37.50.
  • You could have lenses put into your own frame at half price.
  • Second pair must be of the same prescription.
  • Second pair can be any frame except:
    • Safety or VDU spectacles
    • Budget Range spectacles
    • Sports spectacles
    • Oakley or Adidas prescription sunspecs
    • Prescription sports eyewear
  • Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.